The Tutwiler Community Education Center provides programs and events in response to the hopes and dreams of the people of Tutwiler and the surrounding areas so that they may be filled with pride and hope for themselves and their community!


The Tutwiler Community Education Center, a body of local community people of all races, occupations and ages, is dedicated to the growth and development of the community of Tutwiler and surrounding areas by developing programs and events in response to the ideals, dreams and ideas of the members of the community so that each person may be filled with pride and hope for themselves and for their community.

Our basic, underlying philosophy has always been to develop programs coming out of the expressed needs and concerns of the people, to hire and train as many local people as possible to run the programs, and to develop a sense of community in all our activities.


Tutwiler is a small town with lots of houses. - Alysse Thomas

Tutwiler is a good community. We are trying to build all the trash down places and bring them back to life. What I love about Tutwiler is it is quiet. I love that we have a Tutwiler Day. - Coreyoun Johnson

A place where everyone lives. - Jaribbean Redmond

It is a community that has lots of great people. - Ji'Mya Johnson

I have a lot of friends here. It is a small town so I can't get lost. There is TCEC where you can have fun and go to the gym. - Travis Greer


The Tutwiler Community Education Center is located in Tutwiler, Mississippi, a small rural town, population 1201, located in the northwest corner of Mississippi called the Mississippi Delta.

Besides the programs at the Center, the town has no recreation programs for children and teenagers. There are no maintained parks or public transportation and only a small library open three days a week from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The median income is $19,000 and the unemployment rate is around 16.1%.