Athletic Program

The TCEC Athletic Program is a favorite for all ages. Fromour 7 year olds to our senior citizens, all love to come to the gym to walk, exercise, do aerobics, play fitness games, kickball, volleyball, tennis, and the big favorite, basketball. Our gym is a place to see your friends, exercise, and have a good time. The coaching staff are people who know about sports, and also know about teamworks, sportsmanship, and building charactdr. Our gym is not just a place for sports, but a place to learn positive values, interact with positive role models and have fun. TCEC Gym is a great place to be!

Our Wonderful Coaches

Our wonderful coaches! Left to right, Donnie Roebuck, Tonya Rembert, Greg Buchanna, Linda Johnson, and John Farmer.

TCEC also recently put on their annual Benefit Basketball on July 19th. Coach John Farmer gives some good advice!

Basketball to the Bone Team CSC Team
Particpant awards Coach awards

The different competing teams, and the award winners. (Click to enlarge)

Action shot of tournament

The Gym is a favorite of community members, and at 7,00 sq ft, it's always in use!

Adult Exercise program fun