TCEC Music Program

Sonny Boy Williamson Legacy Music Education and Performance Program of Tutwiler

The music program was founded by famous harmonica player, Jon Gindick, in honor of bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson II, who is buried just outside of town. Servicing 30 to 40 kids each year, the program has run for three years and relies on fundraisers and donation gifts of all sizes.

TCEC Blue Band

TCEC Blues Band

The children of TCEC have participated as the TCEC Blues Band since 2011. Check out their performance at the 20th anniversary program!

Birthplace of the Blues

TCEC Blues Band performs

Since the blues originated in the Mississippi Delta, Jon Gindick and Ed Masterson thought it would be great to help the children of Tutwiler discover their roots and provide opportunities for them to learn musical instruments. And this is what they are doing!

Learning Bass

Money is used to buy needed supplies and pay our three great teachers: Heather Corsse on bass, Lee Williams on drums, and Dave Dunavent on guitar. Teachers come twice a week, three hours each day.

Practicing drums